I got off work early today, so I’m treating myself with a little computer time before I go all apeshit on my dirty house. Dinner is reheating in the oven. I say reheating because last night I made a love potion with sweet potato gnocchi, crab and cheese sauce. It was so good I had to save some for leftovers.

I am finding myself excited for the holiday season, but I’m avoiding something intensely.

I. DO. NOT. WANT. to go through the Christmas decorations and separate his and mine. This is not my idea of a good time.

My plan is thus: If I clean my house so thoroughly that I am filled with contentment and peace, then it should be the perfect mood to sort through these things. You don’t fight the boss at the end of a level with 30% hp. You try to heal yourself to 100%. This is my logic. Clean, peace, sort through Christmas memories.

I have ice cream just in case my plan is bollocks.


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  1. I hope this works. I cannot imagine how tough that would be. Sending you extra healing/peaceful thoughts as you embark on this!

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