When you see something you haven’t in a long time #reverb11


A Moment in TimeTell us about one moment that you lived in 2011 that you will never forget.

What on earth do I write about here? I have so many moments from this year that I’ll never forget. I’ve sorted through them and I think the choice sort of made itself after hours of rumination. One Moment. That’s what I’m looking for. Not an event, not a party or a story, just a moment.


I have it. It’s a special moment, cradled to my chest with love and tenderness to keep it safe from the scary part of me. It’s tiny, but big in importance.

After I moved into my own apartment, so graciously rented to me by a friend I hardly deserve, I found myself sitting alone, in the quiet. I heard my friends upstairs, laughing with each other. My cats were curled up together, one snoring her weird squeaky snore and the other purring in contentment. I was surrounded with MY things. Colors everywhere! I felt, for the first time, a sense of peace, accomplishment and pride.

I had saved myself. I had allowed others to help me and was THE BETTER for it. It did not make me weak. It made me stronger. Admitting that I couldn’t do something on my own made me feel loved as others drew around me in support. This moment that I lived in was one of overwhelming trust. I had faith for the first time in a long time. My friends gave me that. In that moment, I loved myself again.

So, yeah.


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  1. that’s really incredible. i struggle with a fierce sense of pride and independence and i’m so glad you were able to accept the help of friends and feel such gratitude for it. there’s beauty in real strength. congratulations to you 🙂

  2. Yeah-huh, you do too deserve that friend. And all the love that always has been swirling about you but now you’re feeling it because suddenly you’ve learned to let it in.
    With love,

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