Things I like! #reverb11


5 ThingsDescribe 5 guilty pleasures

I’m glad to have a light, fun post. Though, I’m one of those obnoxious people who doesn’t believe in feeling guilty for liking something that gives you pleasure. I am ignoring all the snarky, sassy philosophical arguments of my frame of mind, too.

1. There is something about the smell of the crook of a man’s neck that is just so entrancing to me. It’s at the right spot to combine his cologne or aftershave, his deodorant and just him. Its warm and my nose fits perfectly. I can just inhale that wonderfully intoxicating scent and feel it to my toes. One level is family, my brother, my dad, my cousin. I know their scents. They are imprinted in my memory. Next level is my friends. They are comforting. But the most enchanting level is the third. That breathe-in-deep-until-I’m-dizzy-with-the-way-this-gorgeous-man-smells level. The sensuality of it is unparalleled. When I can smell more of him than his deodorant and cologne, it’s even better.

2. My cats. I’m a crazy cat lady in the making. They make me happy. They are crazy neurotic messes. One overeats, running to the bowl of food as if she hasn’t eaten in days, even though she just came downstairs after eating my friend’s cat’s food. She drools and snores and her fat hangs over the window sill. She loves to be loved. She has her own cat. Her cat is skinny to the point that sometimes I watch her to make sure she eats, like she’s a teenage anorexic. She is a feral rescue and even though I’ve had her for almost 6 years, she still looks at me from time to time with “OH GOD SHE’S GOING TO KILL ME!” in her eyes as she runs away from me picking up my laundry. She wanders the house meowing for her friend and then lets me pet her. Sometimes she sleeps on my feet until I move ever so slightly to convince her that I am indeed, going to kill her. I moved the kitty condo that they had ignored for 5 years, and was going to throw it out. Once I moved it, suddenly it was enticing. It is now their spot to get random pets as I walk through the house. They sit on their little pedestal and meow as I walk by, unconsciously petting them. I realized yesterday, they had trained me. I’m a good human.

3. I love food. This should be obvious to anyone who knows me, or talks to me for 5 minutes. I come home from work and cook myself dinner. I work in a kitchen. I cook for a living and a hobby. It’s almost zen. If I’m stressed, or angry, or sad, or jumbled, I cook. It helps me sort things. It makes me content. Cooking makes me whole. I love what I call Pantry Cooking. When you’re down to the unplanned bits of your grocery haul, when you have things left over that need to get used and you’re puzzled as to how, suddenly you make something incredible with them. I love textures and flavors and the process of cooking is just amazing. It makes me feel like a mad scientist sometimes. I can always learn new things. I can always find something new and awe-inspiring. In a book that a friend bought me the author wrote his uncle’s words “…the chef hadn’t used the potato as a basis for displaying flashy, flamboyant skills, but had placed his skills as an artist in the service of the potato.” This struck me to my core. This is my belief. I thank plants when I pick their flowers, I give my food the respect that it deserves, by silently thanking it for sacrifice. Its a weird thing I do that I almost don’t even notice anymore. I have made it a mission to learn to cook with food I don’t like to eat. I can cook with mushrooms and avocados. I can taste dishes with cilantro in them and push aside the soap flavor. I try to work with anything I don’t care for because I will always cook what I like, but the things I don’t like, someone will. Except Chestnuts. Fuck Chestnuts.

4. A-gentleman-I-like-very-much has introduced me to naps. Now, I’ve had the hour-long nap on the ferry to Seattle. That’s not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about this force field that he and his superawesomefattyfat cat have. Consider it the NapField. For a while I wasn’t sleeping well. Then at his apartment, I would find myself passing out for a solid 2-3 hours. It was amazing. And there was no judgement, no “omg you’ve been asleep forEVER!” I just got a “Yup. That’s what happens.” I now try to take naps whenever I can. Sometimes I wake up early just to enjoy falling back asleep for 3 more hours. It’s so decadent. Especially now that it’s getting so cold. I took 3 naps today. Yeah. Cause I could!

5. I unabashedly, unashamedly love COLOR. My mixer is pink, my towels are turquoise, my throw rugs are orange. The shelves upon which my pink mug collection sits, are soft green. I have black clothing out of necessity for work, but my favorite shoes are sparkly blue Chucks. My leather jacket is bubblegum pink. My kitchen table is yellow. It’s gorgeous. I am surrounded by bright airy color that is brought down to earth with simple white walls, a black bed frame, a white book shelf. It makes me smile when I put on my orange dress that is almost red. I feel as if I’m walking into a field of wild flowers when I come home. The colors bring forth the joy. I have an eye makeup collection that is extensive. From lime green to shimmery fuchsia and back to glittery peacock blue, (I have the neutrals as well) I wear whatever strikes me regardless of the clothes I’m donning. I’m more likely to buy a thing if its orange. Or turquoise. It’s so FUN!


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