A terrible beauty #reverb11


Beauty – Describe a moment of beauty that you witnessed this year.

This may not be everyone’s choice for a moment of beauty, but to me, it was spectacular.

My best friend has a daughter. She is the smartest damned child I know. Not that I know many, but I have definitely met children, compared them to her and thought, “WHY ARE YOU SO DUMB?!” She also is only two.

This moment of beauty is short.

On her 2nd birthday, I was sitting on the couch with my friend and her daughter came up to us. She gently laid her hand on the arm of the couch and looked at us both. We stopped, looked at her. She then let out the loudest, longest, most blood curdling scream I’ve ever heard a child make. Her face turned purple. She stopped. We stared, silent. Her head tilted as she took stock of herself and the noise she had just created. She did this 3 more times. SCREAM, stop, look slightly confused, SCREAM, stop, start to figure it out, SCREAM, stop, look satisfied.

Purple faced, she walked back to her blocks and picked up where she left off.

My friend and I stared at each other like natural disaster victims, not sure as to what just happened, only knowing we survived. Suddenly, the two year old KNEW she was two.


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  1. I think that would have freaked me the hell out. Was there ominous “omen” music going on in the background? Did she summon any demons after? Great post as usual. Thanks for sharing it.

  2. Haha, like natural disaster victims! I see the look, because I KNOW the look. Kids are thankfully always changing and having these EUREKA moments of figuring things out – and when you SEE a kid get it? THAT is a beautiful moment, right there.

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