Party Time: phoned in. #reverb11


Party Time – Tell us about the “best” party you attended this year.

Alright, you got me. I have no real answer for this. I don’t typically go to parties. I dont really like them. They are crowded, people I don’t know touch me, people around me get drunk, and meh. I feel about parties the way I do concerts, only concerts are louder and I have to pay to have an anxiety attack.

That being said,  most times I am super cheerful and want to see people and laugh and have a lovely time.  I attended a few get togethers this year and I enjoyed them.

My sister in law’s birthday was celebrated in Seattle and it was very fun. I got some wonderful pictures of the couples there and we danced to a crazy Irish band at Kells.

I catered my niece’s birthday party while pretending that I didn’t have kidney stones. I made it through almost the whole thing without collapsing. There were only 12 cupcakes left to frost.

I joined Lori and family again for her going away party and ate amazing bean and rice salad and fresh fried zucchini. I cried when we saw each other for the last time.

I got divorced and celebrated by getting very drunk and going to The Rocky Horror Picture Show Shadow Cast rehearsal. I had pineapple coconut cobbler that I shared with my roommate.

Birthday celebrations were had at work when I made cupcakes for a friend.

One of my blogs walks you through the trials of my making a birthday cake for someone close to me. His party/celebration thingy was really fun. We played arcade games and laughed a lot.

All in all, I remember small things about each event that makes them special.


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