Oh, can we just let it settle? #reverb11


Shaking Things Up – Looking towards 2012, what can you do to shake things up a little next year?

Honestly, I’m looking forward to a non-shaken year. I’m looking for things to settle from the last time I shook everything up. Last year, I shook the snowglobe, this year, I’ll watch the debris settle.

I want to find myself in a happy place at the end of the year, because fear started to subside. I want to no longer have this tally in my brain of who did what and what I owe and HOWWILLIEVERPAYTHEMBACK stress.

Can we just shake things up by having a peaceful year? I know that’s asking for a lot. I can’t really pick out a year that has been peaceful. So I think that’s good. How about getting a year that is so limited in pain, suffering, and the general flotsam of life that the good moments always outweigh the bad. The laughter overwhelms the tears. Or even the only tears shed are from laughter!

Oh, I know I’m not being realistic, but a girl can dream. In a world so full of darkness, I just want to find a little light next year. That’s how I’m going to shake it up. I’m just going to have a positive year.

One day, I’m going to look back and sigh and pat past me on the head for writing this. Oh, if she only knew…, I’ll say. Life is tricky, I’ll say.  You tried your damnedest, I’ll say.

I want a year of joy, peace, and love. That is how I want my life shaken in 2012. I will pursue these things with a coy dance that employs all the skills of a seasoned flirt.


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