Reflecting #reverb11


Reflect – Take a moment to think back on your reverb11 responses.  Have you learned anything?  What surprised you about this experience?  Which of your responses was your favorite?

I enjoyed taking the reverb11 challenge this year. There were a few posts that I still have no answer for or I was too chicken-shit to answer. All in all, I feel like I touched on great things. The times that I sat at my computer and sobbed as the words flowed to the page were some of the few truly healing moments I allowed myself to have. Reverb11 helped me move through some of the pain and frustration of the year, and I’m not as bitter as I was when I started.

I made new friends. These friends shared wisdom with me, made me laugh and told me it was okay to cry. Reverb11 is a magical thing. We all open up and show our true colors to people that just read. We don’t judge. We understand that everyone has their own writing style, some who can weave the magic of the world around you with their stunning descriptions. Some who are just honest and straightforward. Some write with laughter, some with a sobriety. Each one of us is part of this amazing group that connects with emails and a hashtag.

I don’t know how to pick a favorite post. I’ll see what I can do though.

Okay, I read through them. Some are funny, some are touching, but this one, I never want to forget. I like it. It is about a moment that I accepted myself.

I’m happier than I was when I started this month. The prompts are like therapy, only without having to go to an office that smells like other people’s stank and pay money.


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