Free Therapy


I get asked about my blog a lot by people I know. “Is writing your blog therapeutic?” It’s the most common question, but I think what they’re really asking is “Why do you write such personal stuff in such a public forum?”  So, I’ll answer both for those who are curious.

Is writing this therapeutic?  Hell yes it is. When isn’t releasing your feelings therapeutic? I get to talk about whatever I like for however long I like. I get to argue with the voices in my head. Its like journaling, but better, because sometimes you get comments. Comments are therapeutic as well, because its validation.

I write personal details because its MY blog. Its life as I see it, so it will always be personal. If I’m going through something, I’ve learned to write it out. I figure things out through writing. It makes me feel better, soothed. I like being able to own up to my own crazy. Maybe in putting it in a public forum, other people can read and feel less alone. Less crazy, better about themselves.

I’m not in this to hurt others, but sometimes honesty can hurt. Reading about how I feel, if you’re one of the people I mention, can be grating. That’s understandable. I try to put in as much honesty about myself as I do others. I rarely lash out online and I’ve never ever written something with the specific intent to hurt them.

My blog about abuse was equal, I abused and was abused.  Part of writing this is so that I can look back and know myself. To know where I was in life and to know how much I’ve grown. We all have this to some extent. Looking back and shaking your head, a wry smile at who you used to be.

Part of all of us who write is selfishness. We like talking about ourselves. I am the same. I like talking about myself because it gives me a clearer sense of myself. I like me. Maybe you like me too. Maybe you hate me. Either way, you read my words because they do something to you. They make you feel in some way. I hope to find that somehow I make the world a little smaller, a little cozier and that maybe you find that you’re not the only one out there with this craziness running rampant inside them.


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  1. I love blogging as a free therapy tool.

    There’s a lot of differing views about censoring certain aspects of life when it comes to blogging and after being at this for years now, I think I’ve found a happy medium where I can stay true to myself yet still respect the privacy of the people I mention.

    You’re completely right though, we read you for a reason and I can’t speak for anyone else but I for one am glad you’re in my Reader.

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  3. I love your honesty. It binds us all because we all go through things. Some of us aren’t brave enough(talking about me) to share some of it. But you ARE brave. You are strong and you are inspiring. Thank you for sharing and for being YOU.

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