Starting? No, no. I’ve begun already. #Reverb12


How are you starting?

I’m starting my journey back into reverb after doing very little word blogging in months. I’ve found myself addicted to Tumblr, and I love it.

I’m starting to have ideas that I’ll be able to see come to fruition. One day I’ll share them.

I’m starting to reconnect with my family in small ways. My brother and my dad.

I’m starting to allow my life to be shared with another. There’s an xbox in my house…

I’m starting 2012 with so much love and hope. My friends are the greatest. I have a support system that I just can’t even begin to understand. I don’t know why they love me, but they do. Josh, Lori, Elle, Dixie, Jesse. These are the people who just shock me every day with who they are and how big their hearts are.

I’ve begun to understand happiness.


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