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Starting a Garden


A few months ago, Josh and I decided to move in together. We were originally going to find a new place, but since he basically was staying over all the time, and while tight, it still worked, we chose to just move him into my place. Also, we have a large backyard and my friends said I could do what I wanted to it. So, our garden plans would work perfectly.

We spent an entire day planning the garden, listing what we would eat and what would probably go to waste. Then researching plants and ordering a ton of seeds from Heirloom Seeds. They’re a family run seed farm, so it takes about 45 days to process an order. In the meantime, we planned for the costs of it and all the tools and such needed. We made a list of which plants would work with what, and designed each bed to hopefully work harmoniously with each other. Some plans have changed, adapted to reality and cost. All in all, though, it’s staying true to the plan. I’m very excited, and so is he.

Garden planning 3IMAG0180IMAG0176

Yesterday, his boss came over with a bobcat and dug out the marked off portion of lawn so that we could start our beds. We’ll be renting a rototiller and tilling the soil then topping it with garden soil, compost and fertilizer. The fertilizer is a mix that we’ll be making with cottonseed meal, bonemeal, aglime, kelp meal and dolemite lime. We’re aiming for organic. He’s a manager at a farm and feed store, so most of this comes easy. I’ve found that my job at a nursery when I was a teenager have already come in handy when repotting our strawberries and blueberries.





We have herbs and things that will stay in pots, and little issues came up while we were starting some seeds… Like accidentally dropping one of the starter trays and mixing up all the peppers… SHUT UP! We know I’m clumsy! IĀ apologizedĀ to the seeds. Also, a few of our early herb starts were moved to bigger pots too soon. They’re struggling now. Some have died off entirely, but we expected some losses. I’m not hugely concerned. The seed starts that you see above are doing well. I planted them on the 22nd. They’re starting very well.

As we move along, I’ll post pictures of the yard and our progress. This is just to let you in the door.