Getting ready to plant!


Okay! So we have our very first strawberry! It was so ripe it fell into my hand.


Josh and I shared the little thing and it was so freakin’ tasty.  I can’t wait for more!

We’re getting to the point that we can almost plant! Josh has been getting the yard ready and I’ve been working on the seedlings. They’re repotted in larger containers and growing well. I’m going to work on the tomatoes and the peppers next. I’ve got a little potting station for myself.  So it’s just a wheel barrow with dirt in it. It works.



Josh’s boss came in with a bobcat thingy and tore out the lawn.


 Josh then got a rototiller and tilled the soil.  Soon we’ll add the new soil into it and then we’ll start planting. 20130514_164551


Josh built out our compost and its only got a little work left to do.




He also made a blend of organic fertilizer. It’s even a little pretty!

20130514_164857ooooh. Pretty.

Anyway, it’s awesome. Our garden is going to be fantastic.

These are our raspberries. They’re doing great too!


Basically, it’s going to be lovely and we’re super excited.





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  1. This is so cool. And exciting! If I was any more narcissistic I’d say your penchant for planting started in day care. >wink<

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