I made spice jars!


I’ve resisted the Pinterest trend for a while now. I thought, mostly, that I didn’t need another website to be addicted to.

I joined because of my garden. I wanted to learn neat tricks and advice.

Then, I learned about homemade laundry soap. I made it, as well as fabric softener and then just mixed oxyclean and some downy scent thingies into a jar together.

Sigh. I’ve become a PinHead.

Once upon a time, a long time ago, a friend posted a link to a magnetic spice wall. I was entranced. It was so pretty and accessible. I’ve been obsessed with the idea for years. Then World Market came out with their turquoise containers for the magnetic spice rack. I fell in love. Then, I found Pinterest. Well OF COURSE I could Do It Myself.

I thought about what it should look like. I like chalkboard paint, since its so clever. I know that they make chalk pens too. I wanted to use containers that I could easily get more of at a good price and that would ALWAYS BE THE SAME. This is important to my brain. I get stressed if only some are matching. So, Kerr 80z canning jars it would be. 12 jars for less than $8 at Winco? Okay, yes, that will do.

I painted the bottoms of them with white chalk board paint.

Painted Jars


20130528_173715 20130528_173805


Also, taping is a huge waste of my time, so I just ran my fingers around the edge to clean it up. That way you get chalkboard hands too!

It says to wait an hour before putting on the second coat. PFFT. I waited for the coat to dry and then painted over it.


It took me about 2 hours total to paint one set of 12 and then the other, back and forth. I think I painted 6-7 coats. Then let it set for 24 hours (or like 18 if you’re impatient and excited like me).

Once all that nonsense is taken care of, get ready to write. I basically just looked at what I had and started listing. It turned out perfectly as I had just enough jars and spices to go together. You should know that I did not plan this. I said to myself, “Eh, that should be enough, but if it’s not, at least you got started.”

20130529_122145 20130529_122151

Please excuse the tiny bit of mess you can see. That is my smoothie pitcher so you can’t judge me ’cause I had a healthy breakfast. Yeah.

Anyway, this is the aftermath of empty bottles:


and once I magnetize the tops, I’ll mount painted cookie sheets (yes! that’s right, how cute will that be?!) and have my vertical storage. For now, they look like this: 20130529_122927

which is WAYYYYYYY better than the jumbled mess it was earlier.

All in all, I’m pleased with my new spice storage system. Since I’m a professional cook, I like to feel the spices in my hands so I am not concerned about shakers. Also, the self sealing lids will help keep my spices much fresher.  I’m super pleased.



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  1. I did this a couple years ago…what a big difference it makes. Things are so much easier to find!
    p.s. Pinterest is so addicting, but in a good way. I have probably saved a LOT of money using a lot of those ideas 🙂

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