More about the garden!

We finally got the tomatoes to a point that we felt comfortable planting them. I put them outside a few weeks ago and it shocked them a little too much, so we brought them back in and gave them worm tea and they went crazy.

So we both had the same day off (SHOCK!) and so we decided to work outside a bit.

Here’s the garden on the 5th.


This is what it looked like when we were done yesterday.

20130625_125017 20130625_125028

WOW! Look at all the growth in only 20 days!

Well, it’s impressive to us anyway. We’re like little kids peeking through the stairs at christmas. We check it every day and give each other status reports. It’s all very exciting and I know you’re envious. It’s fine. You can be.

Planting the tomatoes was a task we had been preparing for. I have collected one fish worth of bits and one sunday’s breakfast worth of eggshells from my work. Josh watched me do this with a varying degree of concern for my sanity as I claimed that “Pinterest TOLD ME TO!” and “I found a blog through pinterest and it said this is how to get the best tomatoes!”  He lovingly shrugged and scooped up all the soil we had previously laid down for that bed and even dug a little further for the fish to be given a proper burial.

I laid the fish out carefully (read: chucked it while giggling) and announced “I must take a picture!” So I ran inside, washed my hands and when I came back the fish bits had mysteriously been spread out more evenly through the bed.


We covered the fish lightly and then I dumped the eggshells over the top.


We laid out the tomatoes according to type and Josh put a stake next to them and gently tied them to the stake. He did this because even though he has larger hands than me, I managed to break any tomato I tried this with. I am a failure at tomato bondage.


Also, Josh assures me that singing classic rock to the tomatoes will make them grow better.


We had too many tomatoes for one bed, so I put the Pink Ladies where the celery decided it didn’t want to grow, and the Black Brandywine with the tomatillos and brussels sprouts. Anyway, I didn’t take pictures of the rest of the process because it involved me gently covering all the tomatoes with dirt while Josh put worm poop on all of our other plants.

We rewarded ourselves with two strawberries.

They were, of course, delectable.


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  1. Great progress! I didn’t use dead fish for the tomatoes, but I do use a plethora of eggshells…but in a different way. Since I don’t get to enjoy the leftovers from a restaurant, I’ve got all the neighbors saving their shells for me. Whenever they bring them, I nuke the shells for one minute to kill any icky stuff and to make the shells more brittle. Then I crunch them up with my hands and spread the crunchies around the base of all of my plants. I started doing this because I read that snails/slugs won’t cross the sharp edges, I’ve had a wicked snail/slug problem in the past, and I didn’t, of course, want to use any poisons. Or beer. Anyway, I haven’t seen a single slimy pest and no plants have been munched on. (You don’t see any elephants, do you?)

  2. I don’t even know how I ended up here, but I thought this post was good. I do not know who you are but definitely you’re going to a
    famous blogger if you aren’t already 😉 Cheers!

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