Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon Cake


ETA: WOW! You guys are great! Because of all the attention this cake has gotten, I’ll just say that its a basic white cake recipe with food coloring. The frosting is buttercream with Wilton’s gel coloring. I built and frosted the cake and then drew the design. It’s not a special recipe, so go wild when you make your own! I’ll bet lemon would work well too!

So, for a friend’s birthday,  his wife asked if I could recreate a cake he had seen online.  I said sure.  Thus, we have another tribute to Pink Floyd, Dark Side of the Moon.







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  1. This is fantastic! I would really like this cake for my son’s 21st birthday. Could you bake it for me? How much? And can it be sent through the post? I live in Glasgow. Thanks!

  2. Hello,
    I really like how this turned out ^^
    May I ask for the recipe? As a big pink Floyd fan I would like to make it on my birthday 🙂
    Have a great day and hopefully I hear from you soon 😀

  3. Please I need to know how much will a cake like this cost as someone wants me to do it for her but have no idea on prices.
    Can you help please?

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